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Healthcare & Hospitals

Healthcare IndustryUnderwood Machinery Transport has extensive experience serving the healthcare industry and has moved a wide range of high-value sensitive laboratory and medical devices such as multi-million dollar magnetic imaging devices. Our crews are highly trained and aware of the extra care required transferring delicate machinery and issues that could arise with contamination or vibration.  Underwood understands the challenges associated with moving sophisticated technology, from x-rays, nuclear devices, radiology, magnetic, large systems and small are handled with extreme care in order to transport the equipment safely and deliver machines damage free.

Medical Equipment & Machinery Moving Experts

For more information about Underwood's experience with medical equipment moving and MRI rigging, transportation and installation, take a look at our St. Vincent’s MRI Transport Project and our Lebanon Hospital MRI Rigging Project.

Machinery Transport, Rigging & Warehousing services

For more information about our heavy machinery moving, rigging, and logistics services for hospitals and healthcare facilities, visit our rigging project gallery or contact us today.





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